Until the Beauty Box, I have never got eyelash extensions before; as a matter of fact, I don’t even know if I’ve ever just considered it! One day, about two months ago, I was reading through the pricelist of all the things on offer, and “lash extensions” caught my eye (no pun intended!) and I couldn’t help but think “one day…” I’ve never really had an “excuse” as such to get them done, and my lashes are pretty average to nice anyway. But, I like pretty things, and my life’s motto is “spoil yourself,” so making the decision wasn’t all that hard, anyway.

I always look forward to my dates with Lisa, but this appointment in particular I was literally frothing! I had done some reading online before the time, because I had literally no idea what to expect, but, as always, Lisa put my mind at ease by explaining everything step by step, and advising me on what she thought would best suit me.

She explained to me that you get different types of eyelash extensions, and the Beauty Box offers individuals, as well as clusters. The individuals are literally individual hairs that are attached to your own lashes one by  one, giving a more “natural” look. The clusters, on the other hand, are TEN lashes attached to a small bond. Whereas the individuals are attached to your lid one by one, clusters are attached ten by one, obviously making them a lot more noticeable and dramatic. Lisa uses a black bonding glue, which she drags the extension through, and then applies to your natural lash.

There are different lengths in individual lashes, ranging from 6mm to 13mm, and the thickness can also vary slightly. This makes individuals nice because you can choose your length, literally down to the millimeter. You can also choose the shape and curve of your lash, for example J-Curl, C-Curl and D-Curl. The cluster lashes come in short, medium and long.

This was basically all French to me, so Lisa then showed me some photos of what individuals (pictured first) and clusters (pictured second) look like on.

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

I had a really really hard time deciding which to choose! My mindset is: what’s the point of paying to get your lashes done – and then in the end you can’t even tell they’ve been done?! I definitely wanted to go big and bold, but I eventually decided to start slow and work my way up. I’m glad that Lisa advised me to do this, and I’m glad I listened to her, because it would’ve sucked if I got too overwhelmed on the first try, and got put off. Therefore, I really look forward to trying both longer individuals, as well as trying clusters, in the future.

The procedure takes about an hour for individuals like I got, and half an hour for clusters. Lisa uses tape to stick down your bottom lashes, and then you’re basically ready to go. You lie down on the bed with your head back, and she uses special tweezers to place each lash extension in place. It is not painful in the slightest; I wouldn’t even say it’s really unpleasant. I have quite sensitive, teary eyes, and I didn’t have any discomfort whatsoever.

IMG_0045 2

Here are Lisa’s tips for looking after your lashes:

-Be careful not to get any oil based products on your lashes as this might soften the bond.
-No rubbing or tugging on the lashes.
-No steaming or swimming 12 hours after lashes are applied.
-I try to convince people not to try put mascara on their lashes once they start falling out but to rather come in for a fill. Mascara is difficult to get off and with all the rubbing it might just break a few lashes. So rather leave the lashes with extensions only.

IMG_9924 IMG_9925 IMG_9926 IMG_9928

I have had them for almost a week, and here is my experience so far:

Day 1: I literally felt like Kim Kardashian. I felt like every single person on the street should be staring at me, noticing my lashes. I went to Woolies for lunch, and looked at every waiter that spoke to me dead in the eyes, daring them to notice. Lol. I found it a bit difficult to wash my face before going to bed, because I didn’t really know how to splash water onto my face without getting my lashes involved. I resorted to using a facecloth, but am not looking forward to having to remove a full face of make up. I was quite nervous of mangling them in my sleep, but after all the day’s excitement I fell asleep too quickly to really give it much thought.

Day 2: I was petrified to open my eyes when I woke up. I jumped up and went to go and look in the mirror immediately, but luckily everything was still in order. My nails are quite long, so I could easily just space the lashes properly again and push them back into place. I decided to hit the mall, and it really wasn’t long before I learned (the hard way) that there’s an art to putting on and taking off tight dresses without losing lashes (I lost three.)

Day 3: I decided to ignore Lisa and put on mascara; another lash down.

Day 4: Lashes must definitely be less life-threatening in (proper) winter. It was super uncharacteristically bright and sunny on this day, so I popped on my sunglasses whilst driving. Lol. I got such a fright when I blinked and my lashes banged up against my glasses. Luckily no major accidents to report. After gym I was all hot and sweaty so I rolled all my windows down; you’ve never really experienced “fluttering in the wind” until you’ve driven 80km/hr with lash extensions and open windows. Again, luckily, no major accidents to report.

All in all I’m loving my lashes so far, and am really glad that I did them!

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