Have you seen or heard of this “Pound” craze that has recently hit Virgin Active gyms all over South Africa, and even the world? What looks like jumping and dancing around, smashing out your frustrations with bright green drumsticks to awesome upbeat music – basically is exactly that! If you’ve tried it before, you’ll know exactly what I mean; if you haven’t… Keep reading!

Each person gets a space on the floor with a yoga mat, and two Ripstix: these are basically drumsticks that have been designed especially for Pound. The first song is always a warm up, in which you do very basic steps in order to get the hang of pounding the Ripstix on the ground or yoga mat, as you would drums. After the warm up, the songs get a lot more fun and upbeat, hence the slogan “rockout workout.”

The workout consists mainly of cardio, with quite a few jumps here and there, but it definitely incorporates conditioning and strength training too. Most of the movements are in a squatting or lunging positions, working your legs and glutes, but every time you bend down to pound the floor, you’re basically doing a sit-up. There is also a portion done sitting and/or lying down, pounding the floor next to you – and believe me, just because you’re not jumping around, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sweating any less! It’s also obviously an arm workout, so the harder you pound the better!

The great thing about Pound is that each step starts off slow. After doing the step a few times, you do the same step with double taps. Lastly, you speed that step up and do it to tempo. Because of this, Pound is an awesome class to do because you don’t necessarily need any dancing background. As long as you can follow a basic 8-beat rhythm, you’re good to go! The idea behind doing three different intensities is that you can choose one that best suits you – slow and steady, medium, or fast and high-paced, making it suitable to just about any level of fitness.

Here are a few photos taken at the first ever Pound class at Virgin Active, the Sanctuary, on 15 March 2017. Please excuse the quality of the photos 🙁


* * *

If you would like to know more, or even give it a try, Virgin Active at Gants Center, Somerset West, is having an OPEN Pound class THIS SATURDAY, 3 June 2017! ALL ARE WELCOME! If you are not a member of Virgin Active, remember to bring your ID along with you, as well as a sweat towel and water bottle. It will take place from 8:00-9:00, but be sure to be there early. 

* * *


If you are not yet convinced, here’s what some Pounders had to say:

Jenny, age 50. Virgin Active at Waterston Village
I joined Virgin Active in 2010, and have been exercising regularly ever since. I was first exposed to Pound through their advertising, so I popped over to Youtube to watch some Pound videos, and that just sealed the deal – I very quickly decided to give it a go. I would say that I am moderately fit as I mostly do cardio workouts, and I was stiff the day after. Luckily though, it wasn’t uncomfortably so – I was back the following week for more! During my normal training, I don’t really include squats and lunges, so Pound is definitely making me stronger in my legs and glutes. Besides being fun, and a good workout, I also enjoy it because the loud rock music and pounding is good for stress release.


Tayla, age 21. Virgin Active at the Sanctuary – @just_tayla
I’ve only been to 3 pound class so far, because unfortunately they don’t always fit into my work schedule. When I do get a chance though, I jump at the opportunity, and always make sure to book myself a spot using the Virgin Active App on my phone. Because it’s SO much fun, it really is an awesome, easy motivation to get my bum to the gym. I find that it’s a super accommodating programme, because there are lots of alternative exercises to higher or lower the intensity in order to suit you and your level of fitness and personal abilities. Roxy and I are always in hysterics, because even though I have a dance background, my coordination isn’t the greatest (hehe.) But all of that combined makes it great fun. I always feel energised and in the best mood after. I would definitely recommend it to absolutely anyone!


Micaela, age 22. Virgin Active Kenilworth – @micaela.sling
I have been doing Pound since it was introduced to my Virgin Active, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I became aware of it through social media and advertising used at the gym. Due to my schedule being uncertain, I don’t book in advance because I never know if I’ll make the class, however I would highly recommend booking. But luckily, I am always able to get a spot if I’m early. The class is a fun way to get a hardcore leg and glutes workout, which I love, while getting out stress and frustrations from a long day. The people motivate one another, and people with all sizes and levels of fitness do the class, which makes it comfortable. Having or not having rhythm doesn’t matter, as long as you’re able to pound the Ripstix, and be prepared to squat, you’ll be fine. Although I have a dance background in hip hop and ballet, it really doesn’t matter, I sometimes get the Pound routines twisted, but you pick it up eventually . I love the workout I get from Pound, and if you want to sweat off those extra kilos, you’ll definitely get that with pound!



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