I, personally, actually only joined the brow game relatively recently – I first had my brows waxed when I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding at the end of 2015. Until then, I had just been asking my friends to pluck them because I was too much of a wuss to try waxing. One of my best friends and fellow bridesmaids sat me down and gave me The Talk, and soon I was nervously on my way to the salon.

Although I had absolutely no idea what to expect, it still was a whole lot better than I expected! It goes so quickly that it’s over before you even know it. I would compare the process to bumping your thigh on the edge of a table: an immediate sharp pain that dulls in a few seconds, but is still a little bit sensitive for a while after.

So far I have still only ever had my brows waxed, but after chatting to Lisa for this post, she really made me feel so much more at ease, and even confident about going bigger and better with waxing (lol.) The whole environment at the Beauty Box is so homey and familiar that I actually wish my first time was at Lisa. Thinking back to my first time, I remember feeling like I was sitting in a waiting room to go into a hospital or dentist before, the space and atmosphere was a lot more uptight and clinical rather than friendly and compassionate. Small things like this can honestly make the world of difference, especially if you’re really scared or nervous: feeling comfortable in the space, and with the person doing it for you, really helps you relax. I also had no problem at all telling Lisa what shape I prefer and how to do what where, because she is extremely approachable, and at the end of the day, her main goal is for her clients to leave happier than when they arrived. She’s not going to take anything you say personally or offensively – she wants to make YOU happy!


What advice would you give to someone waxing their brows for the first time?
Never wax your brows too thin because then the chances of them growing back as thick are slim to none. Rather clean up your brows and maintain your natural shape and thickness. Rather enhance than change 😉

Is it true that waxing makes your hair grow back finer and slower?
Yes! If waxed correctly the roots of the hairs are removed, thus slowing down the growth process; with enough waxing the hairs will become fewer and finer.

What is threading, and which would you rather recommend?
Threading is also a way of hair removal, whereby we use a cotton thread: it is twisted in a certain way to pull out the hairs. This originated in Asia and is very popular amongst certain ethnicities. If you are allergic to wax or any chemicals then Threading is your answer. I myself prefer wax as I find it less discomforting and a lot faster.

Which part of the body would you say is the most painful to wax? Does the pain lessen the more you do it?
Everyone’s pain threshold differs. Also, one person might feel more or less pain / discomfort in a particular area than someone else. Most clients say the upper leg and bikini area is the most discomforting. The discomfort definitely gets less the more you wax! Just do not shave in between, as thit defeats the whole purpose of waxing.

I’m sure everyone wants to know this: is getting waxed “down there” awkward, and how sore is it?
Hollywood waxes are never awkward (well for me anyways). I have been waxing Hollywoods for over 10 years already. Clients always tell me how comfortable I make them feel and that it wasn’t nearly as bad as they imagined it was going to be.

What is the procedure after waxing, i.e. looking after the skin around your brows so you don’t break out?
Waxing aftercare :
-Avoid tanning for at least 12 hours after a wax.
-No fragrances, oils, lotions or creams for 12 hours.
-Avoid touching the area as to avoid bacterial infection.
-Avoid wearing make up for at least 12 hours after a wax.

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