REVIEW – PAJAMAS AND JAM EATERY, STRAND: a cheat day worth having

This local gem has been around for ages, but it just seems to get better and better with time. It is somewhat hidden away, but at the same time, extremely hard to miss! Situated across from the Virgin Active at Gants Centre, it is nestled between factories and warehouses, but directly below a very iconic actual aeroplane perched on top of a pillar, visible from the busy Fabriek Street perpendicular to the N2.


After you get over the fact that there’s casually an aeroplane chilling above the parking lot and make your way inside, the puzzle pieces in your mind will start fitting together: Pajamas and Jam doubles as an extremely quirky antique shop. The absolute win in their case, is how seamlessly they have tied in the old with the new. The menus, plating, and final touches are refreshingly modern, especially for our little old Helderberg, while the walls are chockablock with interesting antique trinkets that can steal your attention for hours if you’re not careful!


On that note, I definitely recommend planning enough time to spend there in general: their menu is extremely generous, and you really need time for adequate perusal. We started with coffees, as one does, and even their drinks menu is impressive! They have an extensive variety of teas, and loads of coffee options too, from flat whites (the hipster version of cappuccinos) to Macchiatos (a shot of espresso with a side of milk.) They also have freshly squeezed juices, and even turmeric and matcha flat whites, which I had tried previously with my mom.

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We were absolutely spoilt for choice when it came to deciding what to have for lunch. My lovely date, Adri, went for avo, feta and poached eggs on toasted ciabatta, and I had honey mustard lamb with glazed figs and melted camembert, also on toasted ciabatta. The food came nice and quickly, considering how busy they were even on a Monday. There was also an abundance of staff who were all friendly and helpful, which always makes the experience that much better.

The food prices are extremely reasonable in relation to how fresh the ingredients are, how much time and effort is put into the beautiful plating presentation, and how friken yummy the food is!

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As you make your way from the entrance through to the seating area, it is inevitable that you will walk past the sweet treats table. We weren’t really planning on having something sweet after our meal as it was definitely satisfying enough – but guys, those cakes though! In the end we decided to make a day of it and had the salted caramel fudge cheesecake, as well as the hummingbird banana cake with nuts and seeds. You might think that R60,00 for a medium sized slice of cake isn’t worth it, but neither of us finished our cake (my dad was very happy with the doggy bag) and it was absolutely divine! Moist, dense and fresh – definitely can recommend!

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Overall it was a 10/10 experience, and I think it is an absolute win in that it is perfectly appropriate for youngsters and the elderly combined. Feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages, and definitely make sure to pop in when you’re in the area!

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