POUND – PART TWO: Youth Day Pound & Zumba OPEN EVENT at the Sanctuary, Strand

I’M SO EXCITED! The absolutely AWESOME guys and gals from Virgin Active at the Sanctuary, Strand, have organized a super fun and exciting Zumba and Pound event in the UNDERGROUND PARKING, for THIS FRIDAY! How cool?!

It is scheduled from 10:00, on 16 June 2017, and being Youth Day, everyone is highly encouraged to dress up and bring the GEES! There will be a DJ, as well as some of our favourite Zumba and Pound instructors from the Helderberg, including both Elroy and Sarah. There will also be lucky draws and other prizes, so you can look forward to a whole morning of festivities.

The event is open to ANYONE, even non Virgin Active members, and is absolutely FREE! There is definitely more than enough space for everyone to have a Zumba bum wiggle, but I can recommend popping in to the Virgin Active at the Sanctuary and putting your name down on the list to ensure you have a mat and Ripstix, as there is a limited amount available for Pound. Alternatively, you can give them a ring directly on 021 850 0432.

I did a breakdown a week or two ago on Pound that you can find here, but this week, the incredibly lovely Pound and Zumba instructor from both the Sanctuary and Virgin Active at Gants Centre, Sarah Timberlake, has answered a few questions that you can find below.


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When, where and how did Pound originate, and how did it make its way to South Africa?

Pound started in 2011 in Los Angeles, when two drummers literally stumbled upon it accidentally at a gig. For some reason, their seats were taken from their drum kits – and they very quickly had to improvise! This got them thinking about a really cool exercise routine, which we now refer to as Pound. I know… crazy but true!


When, where and how were you first exposed to Pound?

Pound was introduced to 26 Virgin Active fitness instructors in February this year, when Virgin Active decided to include the Rockout Workout as an awesome, alternative, full-body workout. I was lucky enough to be one of those 26 instructors. I, personally, had never heard of it before, and had to turn to YouTube. I was very excited by what I saw, and couldn’t wait to begin my training and launch the program at various gyms in the area!


What has the general feedback about Pound been so far?

Feedback has been amazing! People are loving the classes. It’s so good to see people getting stronger from doing these classes, too.


In your opinion, is Pound a “good workout”? How would you rate the intensity during the class, and is a participant likely to be sore the next day?

Pound is a great full-body workout. It’s great cardio, but you’re also working your core and building strength, as well as toning your legs, arms, abs and booty. It’s quite an intense workout, especially as you’re bringing all the above mentioned factors into play simultaneously, but saying that, it’s up to you at the end of the day and how hard you work during the workout. Will you feel that you’ve worked out? Definitely! Those muscles will have worked extremely hard and they will remind you of that for a good two or three days.


Would you say Pound is an “advanced” class in terms of difficulty? Where would you place it, or which is it most similar to, between Step, Shape, Zumba and Pilates?

I would say Pound is an advanced class, but only in terms of the fact that it incorporates so much. You don’t need to be advanced in terms of your training routine to join a Pound class, as the moves can all be modified to suit all fitness levels. I would say Pound is a bit of Shape, Pilates and Zumba all rolled into one.


How would you say Pound is unique to other group fitness classes?

What makes it unique is that you have Ripstix, which just adds to the enjoyment of the whole class, as now you can pound to a beat which makes it loud and fun!


Is there any advice you would give to someone attending a class for the first time?

My advice to anyone attending a Pound class for the first time is, don’t worry if the moves don’t come easy to you, everything takes practice, the more you come the more fun you will have. Also, if you aren’t very fit, stick with the modified moves: you will improve over time, you can’t expect to do such a crazy workout flat out for the first time. Lastly, just enjoy yourself! Yes, you’re working out, but how insane is that workout? Ripstix, energy, pounding, what more could you ask for?


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