REVIEW – THE BEAUTY BOX, SOMERSET WEST. Part two: The face behind the brand.

The success of the Beauty Box definitely boils down to the type of person Lisa is. My best friends and I thoroughly enjoy our visits to the salon, because it feels like you’re going to catch up with an old friend. Upon entering, the first thing you will definitely notice is the fact that Lisa has decorated the salon herself, and it’s so cute and welcoming – you can see that each little piece is picked out with thought and care. This makes it so much more special and homey than an almost clinical, franchise-type salon; I find that this theme follows throughout. Lisa is extremely genuine and personal, and very easy to talk to. If you want to request something new or different, it’s not scary at all, and even telling her you don’t like something and prefer something else is easy as pie. She gives great advice, both as a friend and as a professional, and you can trust that she will always only advise on what she knows is best for you.


Lisa took the time out of her extremely busy schedule to answer some questions; I’m sure even as a regular Beauty Box customer you might learn something new! I hope you find her answers as interesting and enjoyable as I did!

When did you decide that this was the line of work you wanted to go into? Was it something you always wanted to do?
I basically grew up in my mom’s hair and beauty salon. My mom is a Master Stylist and Make-up Artist. I’ve always been interested in the beauty side of things rather than hair, so my mom sent me on part-time courses while I was at school. I received my first qualification at the age of 16. I never attended a full-time course bur rather did separate courses for each aspect that I wanted to do. I am qualified in Gel, Acrylic, Silk & Fibre nails, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing (men and women), Eyelash Extensions, Facials, and Ear & Nose Piercings and Hair Extensions (although I no longer do those).

What was the process since school until now?
I matriculated in 2009 (Amanzimtoti,) and then went abroad to the States. After a year I came back to South Africa, and moved to Cape Town where I worked for 2 years at various salons. I later got engaged ♡ and moved to Somerset West. I then worked at a salon for 10 months until I resigned, thinking I no longer wanted to do beauty therapy anymore. I decided to work from home for a month until I could decide on my next move… Luckily, I realized that I was just unhappy in my previous environment; I actually LOVE my job! I love my clients, the different people, personalities, backgrounds, stories: this is my calling. So I looked for a space to rent and started The Beauty Box. On October 1st 2017 we will be 4 years old! ♡♡♡ And I have not looked back since.

Do you regret anything, or would you have done anything differently?
I don’t regret anything! Everything I have done, everyone I have worked for and worked with has made me who I am today. Especially my mom: she was always my inspiration and role model. I created my own business, and made my own mistakes, too – but always learnt from them. There is not one morning that I wake up and don’t want to go to work. My work is my “happy place,” I can’t wait to get there in the mornings and start my day.

What advice can you give to someone wanting to go into this field of work?
My advice would be that you need to focus on your strong points and excel in that specific area. Don’t become a Jack of All Trades and Master of none. I myself focus on my Gel Polish with nail art and then, of course, my waxing. Some of my clients call me the “Hollywood Specialist” …lol

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The BEST part of my job is seeing how people feel more beautiful or relaxed when they leave my salon. This is not only a place of nails and beauty, but also a sanctuary to release negative energy and bad vibes and walk out feeling refreshed and positive. Receiving a Whatsapp message from a client a day later saying “Thank you…” means the WORLD to me. My clients definitely become friends and family.

What treatment / procedure are people always the most scared to get? What advice can you give them?
People are always very scared and nervous to get a Hollywood wax. My advice is to just do it! It’s really quick, and the discomfort doesn’t last long. Movies, TV commercials and YouTube videos make it seem A LOT worse than it really is.

What’s the funniest experience you’ve had at work?
There are so many funny experiences here at the salon that it’s difficult to choose – but the Hollywood clients’ reactions once it’s “all gone” is always a winner.

What can we as clients do to make your life easier?
Clients could make my job a lot easier by adhering to our Cancellation Policy. Also, being late to an appointment disrupts the whole day and affects other people’s appointments too.


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