One of the silly old things that makes my little heart burst with happiness is when someone recommends a restaurant, and it seriously lives up to expectation. It really is such a great feeling, of complete and utter bliss and satisfaction if you’re me, when all your excitement and anticipation is fulfilled. With the amount of people who had recommended I try out Mont Marie, my expectations were sky-high – and man, I wasn’t disappointed one little bit.

As a rule, I prefer to check out a place before planning a special occasion there… kind of just in case. This time, when celebrating one of my best friends’ birthdays, I decided to trust everyone’s judgement and just go for it. I was more than a bit apprehensive in hindsight, because I didn’t want to spoil my bestie’s birthday with a terrible breakfast experience, but needless to say, my reputation was spared by an absolutely gorgeous morning in the winelands thanks to the gem that is Mont Marie.

And a precious gem is actually the perfect metaphor for this lovely setting, because it is tucked away in a bit of a different area of the winelands, further towards Stellenbosch side than the more well known Annandale Road area. So much so, that even after being a Stellies girl myself for the past 8-9 years, I only heard about it for the first time this year! If you’re driving from Somerset West, it is about half an hour’s drive, but I promise you, the view is totally worth it!

Actually, the view kind of steals the show, now that I think about it. When we arrived on the day, I forgot to take photos of the entrance and the tables outside on the front patio. This area is really lovely, nestled amongst the greens and shrubbery. Because we went about a month ago, I can’t remember exactly how it looked, so I turned to trusty old Google for help. Let me tell you, I couldn’t help but laugh at my conclusion: I couldn’t find ONE single photo of the front area – probably because everyone is obviously so besotted with the view! To be honest, it’s almost (almost) a pity, because the interior setting really is something worth mentioning, too. Very chic and stylish, with just enough colour to make it interesting. On the plus side, if the weather’s bad you are provided with a really great alternative.



But, as soon as you walk through the entrance, you are immediately drawn as if by some magnetic force to the outer deck, boasting views of mountains and winelands that make you feel blissfully patriotic and proud to be Capetownian. You can choose to sit in the sun, or one of the ever-present waiters will very quickly set up an umbrella for you if you prefer the shade. There are larger tables too, so it really provides the perfect setting for a very special occasion, whether it be with one person or a family of 10+.



In a typical Roxy fashion, one of the definite highlights of the experience was the cappuccino. Seriously, it was one of the best I’ve had in ages! And enjoying it with such a gorgeous view just made it that much better. The cappuccino was is very well priced at only R20, but the rest of the menu is pretty average cost-wise. I personally found the portions a little on the small side, but the quality really really made up for it. I had the eggs benedict which came with parma ham and spinach and it was SO tasty! I recently went to a very well-known breakfast spot in Somerset West (I won’t name and shame) and my dad and I both had the eggs benedict – and we BOTH complained that the hollandaise was watery and the meal as a whole was just tasteless and a disappointment; definitely not the case with Mont Marie!




Yet another thing worth mentioning is the kiddies area just below the deck. There are loads of fun-looking things to do, and it is completely visible from almost the whole deck area.


Mont Marie was completely excellent overall and I really look forward to my next visit; I can 100% recommend every aspect of this beautiful restaurant. If you would like to visit their website, follow this link, and their breakfast menu is available here.

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